Affiliate Instructions

Thanks for sharing with others. 

Welcome to the The Well Affiliate Instructions

The purpose of The Well is to help people Learn, Grow, Connect, and Share.

How This Works

Our members become affiliates and promote The Well to their family and friends via email, text, word of mouth, and social media. As an affiliate, you receive a unique tracking ID called an Affiliate ID. The Affiliate ID identifies you as the person who refered the new member. You can attach your Affiliate ID to any URL on the site and send it to your contacts to invite them to attend an event or just sign up. In appreciation, you will get a percentage of all purchases of your referrals. 

What is an affiliate? 

An affiliate is one who gets credit for sales from referred customers. You are assigned an affiliate ID. Your affiliate ID is your username. That ID is used in the link you share with others. When they click that link and come to our site you will get credit for any purchases they make.

How do you earn commissions? 

Each month, you will get paid a percentage of all your referrals spent on the site the previous month. You will earn the agreed amount of commission on your affiliate agreement.

What do I use to send people I’m referring? 

Click on the Creatives tab and you will see several images that have your affiliate ID embedded in them. You can upload these images to your social media or insert them into your emails or website. There is also a link that is just text. You can customize this text as you see fit. You can also create your own creatives embedding your affiliate URL. Please use our branding images and colors when doing so. You can find these on the Brand Assets tab.

What page should I be referring customers to? 

The main site page is: (put your affiliate id where the XX is)

You can attach /?ref=username to any url on the site. 

For example,