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Marriage is a building block of any society. It is the foundation on which children are raised, economies thrive and communities flourish. It is not just a union between two people; it has far-reaching effects beyond just the couple themselves.

A happy home can help build the foundation for physical, financial, emotional, social and spiritual health of the future adult. Harmony between spouses teaches children the value of self-care and how to prioritize wellness physically, mentally and financially. Emotional stability is also promoted, with children learning how to cope with disappointment or heartbreak without it being debilitating.


Healthy marriages provide a secure and stable environment for children, setting them up for success when they eventually become adults themselves. Happy homes allow children to develop strong social skills and emotional intelligence that will serve them well in adulthood. They learn problem-solving techniques from their parents’ positive approach to conflict resolution and feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings in a safe space.

Strong marriages lead to confident and capable children who grow up with an appreciation of their heritage and culture, principles of self-sufficiency, and respect for others. Having strong role models with whom to trust and rely is invaluable during childhood development stages. Children can also learn problem-solving skills as they watch their parents work through conflicts and disagreements healthily. With two emotionally healthy parents, children are nurtured and disciplined to grow up without the wounds that keep them from fulfilling their potential.

Beyond the homefront, strong marriages benefit society at large by providing social stability. When couples are respectful and loving towards one another, those same values can be passed down to their children, which can help combat negative behaviors such as violence or crime. Furthermore, when spouses collaborate and support each other toward their goals, it helps create a stronger economy for everyone involved.

Nurturing relationships are at the core of successful marriages which shape the way children think about relationships with others going forward. Ultimately this leads to healthy, productive adults who carry these values into their own marriages down the line — creating a powerful cycle of effects that benefit society as a whole.

Marriage is an essential element of society that cannot be overlooked or underestimated in its importance. It provides emotional security for children, strengthens communities, and sets the stage for an economically stable future.

It takes a village of supporters to raise healthy and confident children who are prepared for the future. The Well is a community dedicated to this mission, creating friendships and connections that come together to form a “village” — champions of health and wellness, encouraging strong marriages and families.

The Well offers support to spouses, helping them build strong foundations in their relationship. It encourages couples to stay connected by providing opportunities such as seminars or workshops on marriage counseling while also providing educational materials or resources for couples looking to improve communication or strengthen their intimacy.

The Well helps create an environment of understanding between parents and children, teaching them important life skills such as problem-solving or decision-making. This allows children to develop emotionally and mentally while fostering good social behaviors and habits that will last into adulthood.

In summary, the Well is an invaluable source of support for creating strong families that can stand the test of time. By helping cultivate healthy relationships between spouses and children alike, it does indeed take a village, of which The Well is proud to be part.

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Hi, my name is Joe Follette, Jr. I'm the CEO of JC Enterprise Group, Inc., the corporation behind The Well. I have been blessed to help individuals and couples on their journeys toward emotional, relational, and spiritual growth for the past 30+ years. After obtaining my degrees from Oakwood University and Andrews University, I served as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi. With a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern Mississippi, I have worked as a residence hall director at Oakwood and family counselor at Bradford Health Services. Recently celebrating 25 years serving clients in Huntsville, Alabama, through my private practice, Lifestyle Therapy & Coaching, I offer counseling sessions to those looking to heal their inner pain, renew their interpersonal relationships, and deepen their spiritual health. To book an appointment or learn more about my services, visit GetStarted.LifestyleTherapyCoach.com.

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