Get Started On Your Inner Healing Journey

Welcome to the Inner Healing Journey, where we champion emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being through a blend of therapeutic techniques, holistic approaches, and science-backed methods. We create a secure and nurturing space for you to explore your inner self, guided by our expert team of therapists and wellness practitioners. Our program integrates methods like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, expressive arts therapy, and holistic healing practices such as yoga and meditation, all aimed at empowering you to enact positive changes in your life. Join us in this journey of self-awareness, acceptance, emotional release, and balance, irrespective of whether you are grappling with life’s challenges or simply seeking deeper self-understanding.

The Inner Healing Journey is a three-phase process that will help you develop improved self-awareness, self-discipline, and self-actualization. With these assets With these assets, you’ll be better equipped to navigate life’s challenges, foster meaningful relationships, and pursue your goals with a renewed sense of purpose. The first phase involves introspection and identifying emotional patterns, laying the foundation for understanding yourself on a deeper level. In the second phase, you’ll cultivate self-discipline through mindfulness practices, fostering the ability to manage stress and respond thoughtfully to various situations. Finally, in the third phase, the journey towards self-actualization begins. This is where you align your actions with your values, unlocking your full potential and living a more authentic and fulfilling life. Embrace the Inner Healing Journey as a transformative path towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Our Treatment Options

Traditional Hourly Therapy

This is a prevalent form of therapeutic engagement wherein a client meets with a therapist for a designated amount of time, typically an hour, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The duration and frequency of these sessions can vary depending on the nature and severity of the client’s concerns, as well as their personal preferences and the therapist’s recommendation. The structure provides an opportunity to work through issues, explore personal challenges and experiences, and develop strategies to cope with problems over a sustained period. It’s a slow and steady approach allowing in-depth exploration of issues and steady growth.

Joe offers traditional hourly therapy if this is the path you believe is best for you.

Comprehensive Program Therapy

This type of therapy often involves more intense, focused, and multi-faceted interventions designed to address complex or acute problems. A comprehensive therapy program might include multiple weekly sessions, group therapy, educational workshops, lifestyle guidance, medication management, and more, all packaged within a coherent, structured timeframe. This approach is often used in settings like residential treatment centers, intensive outpatient programs, or during crisis interventions. Comprehensive program therapy can be particularly beneficial for those with serious mental health conditions, those struggling with substance abuse, or those in immediate crisis, as it provides a concentrated burst of support and resources to help stabilize and then start to work on underlying issues.

The Inner Healing Journey provides you with a step-down approach in intensity, allowing you to progress on your growth path at your own pace. Each phase is thoughtfully designed to offer you the support and guidance to nurture you where you are in your treatment.  Choose your path, traditional or comprehensive program, and embark on a transformative journey towards greater self-awareness, strong self-discipline, and amazing self-actualization.

Traditional Hourly Therapy

Comprehensive Approach

🔹 Joe’s Inner Circle (Phase I – Discovery):
Begin your journey with Joe’s Inner Circle, the ultimate tier for a profound start. During the crucial initial three to six months, engage in more frequent personalized support and one-on-one coaching sessions. Build a strong foundation for growth and healing as you receive exclusive guidance and immersive experiences.

🔹 VIP (Phase II – Strengthening):
As you progress to Phase II, experience VIP treatment with the VIP tier. Transition to tailored resources and workshops, optimizing insights gained during your transformative start. Embrace continuous growth with enhanced access to exclusive events, fostering resilience and empowerment.

🔹 Premium (Phase III – Empowerment):
Reach the pinnacle of your Inner Healing Journey with the Premium tier. In Phase III, maintain momentum with the nurturing support of the online community. Embrace the wisdom and empowerment you’ve cultivated, benefiting from ongoing access to a self-sustaining and enriching experience.

Each tier harmonizes with a distinct growth phase, guiding you toward profound healing and personal evolution. Choose your path and unlock the power within you on the Inner Healing Journey.

Joe's Inner Circle Membership

Exceptional Personalized Support
$ 1200 Monthly
  • All Benefits from the VIP Tier
  • Up to Six Personal Coaching Sessions per Month
  • 24/7 Therapist Text/Chat Support
  • Exclusive Inner Circle Events

VIP Membership

Tailored Healing Experience
$ 600 Monthly
  • All Benefits from the Premiere Tier
  • Bi-weekly One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Exclusive Workshops and Virtual Retreats
  • Access to Premium Masterclasses
  • Exclusive Community Engagement

Basic Membership

Foundational Growth
$ 50 Monthly
  • Full Access to the Online Community
  • The Inner Healing Journey Course
  • Limited Masterclass Access
  • Engaging Content and Resources
  • Monthly Group Therapy Sessions

Premium Membership

Intensified Intervention
$ 300 Monthly
  • All Benefits from the Basic Tier
  • Monthly One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • Full Masterclass Access
  • Additional Premium Content and Resources
  • Personalized Support and Progress Tracking
  • Exclusive Community Events
  • Travel Club Membership

Free Membership

Begin Your Healing Journey
$ 0 Monthly
  • Weekly Inspirational Posts
  • Guided Meditation Samples
  • Self-Care Tips and Resources
  • Community Support

When embarking on your journey toward healing and wholeness, choosing a level of care that aligns with the intensity of your needs and is sustainable for at least three months is essential. However, a year in the program is not uncommon and can facilitate the level of transformation you are seeking. Consistency in care is paramount to your success, as starting and stopping treatment can hinder progress. We understand that each person’s requirements may differ, and while your healing process may benefit from more intense care, selecting a membership that fits your budget is crucial.

Consider the importance of the changes you’re seeking and the goals you wish to achieve. If the level of care you need initially doesn’t fit your budget, it may be worth reflecting on the significance of your well-being. Investing in the needed treatment can lead to transformative results, providing you with the tools and support necessary to grow and heal.

At Lifestyle Therapy & Coaching, we believe that your personal growth and happiness are invaluable. Choose a membership that aligns with your current situation while keeping your long-term goals in mind. Together, we’ll work towards nurturing your inner self, addressing challenges, and fostering a strong foundation for your well-being. Start your transformative journey today and unlock the true potential within you.

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