Group Ground Rules

1. Confidentiality first. What is said in the group stays in the group. Ensure you protect the group’s privacy by selecting a private area when attending group and watching replays.

2. Share feelings and experiences, but not advice.

3. Accept each other without making judgments.

4. Listen to each other. Allow others to share. Try not to hog the floor.

5. Avoid interrupting or having side conversations.

6. Put the phone on silent, manage background noise, and be aware of your microphone mute button.

7. Always be honest.

8. Have a positive attitude.

9. Be on time.

10. Be respectful and sensitive to others.

11. Be supportive and encouraging of each other.

12. Refrain from using offensive language.

13. Having your video on means you are a fully engaged group participant.

14. Position your camera well and dress appropriately.

15. Follow the leader.

16. Don’t get frustrated and quit! Practice patience, forgiveness, and maturity.

17. Group will not be held during the holidays. There will be no group during Thanksgiving week or the last two weeks of the year.

18. Group will be canceled if no one shows up within the first 20 minutes.

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